Nogita Beach sunset – New Year 2018!

Happy New Year 2018! The first week had been warm and we got some beautiful sunsets. Her is one from above our garden house in Itoshima taken with a DJI Mavic drone. I will let you judge for yourself.

Itoshima Sunset on Nogita beach drone bird eye perspective.
A beautiful​ New Years day in Itoshima

Japan International Riders group BBQ in Itoshima

As I am part of a Facebook group of Japan International Motorcycle riders in our local area and we have. Wen always talking about how we all should get together and have a BBQ during our rides. I have jumped in the opportunity and with almost perfect weather for this type of event booked our garden and invited all in. Over 20 people made it and it was a lot of fun from the afternoon till late . We have done some drone flying ,bike riding and of course BBQ and some drinks. Here are few shots from the event.

“First BBQ for International Riders Japan Facebook group!” Here are some pictures 


Drone Shots Of Finished Garden

Well the garden has been brought to clean and almost perfect state. The best way to display what had been done is by using a drone ( DJI Mavic Pro) from various angles.

What has been done:

  • Back has new founding and bamboo fence.
  • Front Car park extended to 2 x
  • Front live fence
  • Front farming area
  • Front stone cover

However see more on pictures

Total Garden Makeover :))))

We have finally been able to pull the plug and take the garden to its final stage. We have opened up the back and cleaned up front small garden. Simply all is as it should be. Here are pictures of what the process was like. It seems like a lot of work went into it but it was all done within 5 days 🙂 From now on it is going to be about where to put what flower, tree or trampoline. Very happy with the results. Judge for your self.


Bathroom makeover this weekend in Itoshima 

Well this weekend we have decided to upgrade our bathroom as it is in need for a makeover. We have visited the local IKEA store to buy the best to make it look and feel  how we are imagine it from the beginning. I will be posting pictures from before and after and some from during the process. Stay tuned I am sure you will enjoy this as much as I will.

What made us to finally make this change is that we have received three bookings through Airbnb and we realised that we have to step up!

Spring Flowers Showing their Colors In Itoshima Garden

After rain and many cold days and nights the nature start awakening in our Garden House in Itoshima. The change in less than few weeks is really noticeable and all flowers are showing off in the best possible light. Weather is still fairly cold and there is not much of flies and other insects to interrupt your gardening activities 🙂 It is the perfect time to enjoy the scene and get creative with new ideas on how to improve the look of our Japanese Countryside getaway!

New gardening tools – Autumn is here! 

As the nature is waking up from winter our garden in Nogita Itoshima has been transformed over a week time to beautiful flower blooming paradise:) it was time to get some new tools to help with trimming and maintenance. In the local hardware store “Nafco” one brand “Tanaka” has been recommended as the best value for money:). Can’t wait to use them !!!